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PowerMyWay Pre-Pay Program

Introducing PowerMyWay Pre-Paid Metering

  • No depositsPower My Way Logo
  • No monthly bills
  • No late fees
  • No disconnect fees
  • No reconnect fees
  • No equipment fees
  • No payment fees

What is PowerMyWay
PowerMyWay is the name of Craighead Electric’s pre-paid Metering Program. As consumers, we pre-pay for most of the things that we buy: groceries, fuel, entertainment, why not electricity? The same way that you would buy a gallon of gas to put in your car, PowerMyWay allows you to purchase a Kilowatt-Hour of electricity for your home before it is consumed. 

How would PowerMyWay benefit me? 
PowerMyWay empowers members to manage their energy usage in a way that best suits their individual situation. Conservation, flexibility, increased information, and member control are what you have to look forward to with PowerMyWay.

Photo of Electric Meter

How does PowerMyWay work?

You start PowerMyWay by initiating pre-paid service with as little as $20, no deposit necessary.

You can add KWHs to your account with cash, credit or debit card in any amount you choose. Payments are accepted 24 hours a day by phone or online without additional charges or fees.

If you owe a previous balance, you can continue to make payments towards it while on a PowerMyWay debt repayment plan.

If you have paid a previous deposit, once you switch to PowerMyWay you can use that deposit to pay off old bills or credit it to your account.

As your home uses electricity, it is automatically subtracted from your account. Service availability, account add-ons, and other fees are prorated once every 24 hours.

Once your PowerMyWay account drops below a certain point, you receive an automated message via email or text informing you that your account is low.

If your account is depleted, service will be disconnected automatically.

Once KWHs are added to your account, your meter is armed for reconnection. 

Do I Qualify for PowerMyWay?  
Any residential member whose meter can be reliably read via our automated meter reading system can be put on a PowerMyWay plan. 

How do I Sign Up for PowerMyWay? 
Contact Craighead Electric to get started with a Pre-Paid Metering plan today. 


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